International Relations Coordination


Hello, do you already know CRI?

We are the São Lucas Ji-Paraná International Relations Coordination, but you can call us CRI.

CRI was created on January 22, 2021 and is responsible for the implementation of internationalization programs at Centro Universitário São Lucas Ji-Paraná, through cooperation agreements and international partnerships, providing teaching, research and extension actions for undergraduate students. , postgraduate, researchers and teachers.

Our mission is to insert São Lucas Ji-Paraná on the international stage, seeking to strengthen interaction with international institutions and thereby promote a culture of exchange and exchange of information in the academic environment. CRI offers its students and teachers the means to expand internationalization processes, promoting events and cooperation projects with institutions abroad in the most diverse segments through the undergraduate courses at São Lucas Ji-Paraná.

Where is CRI?
CRI is located in building B of the institution.

Who does CRI serve?
To undergraduate students, teachers and graduates of São Lucas Ji-Paraná.

What does CRI do?
The São Lucas Ji-Paraná International Relations Coordination has been committed to promoting international exchanges, projects and events for our students and teachers.

We know that the internationalization process within our institution has contributed significantly, in the academic formation of our students, providing the knowledge of new cultures in an international scenario.

Areas of expertise:

  • Promote the interaction of São Lucas Ji-Paraná with other teaching and research institutions abroad;
  • Promote the exchange of students and teachers with international institutions;
  • Make cooperation agreements, agreements and interinstitutional programs in Brazil and abroad;
  • Give our teachers the opportunity to interact with professors from other international institutions;
  • Promote the development of joint research with institutions abroad;
  • Dissemination of opportunities for national and international scholarship programs with the academic community of São Lucas Ji-Paraná.

CRI - Coordination of International Relations


  • Raquel Páscoa da Veiga Frade Santana